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Help : Available spells

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Notes:  B* indicates spells that are still in beta testing

         CLERIC              MAGICIAN            NECROMANCER
         ------              --------            -----------
Level 1:
         Bless               Detect Magic        Detect Life
         Heal Minor          Light               Drain
         Inner Light         Magic Arrow         Nightvision
                             Shield              Rigor

Level 2:
         Prayer              Armor               Darkness
         Remove Hunger       Darkness            Shroud
         Remove Thirst       Endure Heat
         Judgement           Endure Cold

Level 3:
         Detect Alignment    Feather Fall        Spectral Blade  
                             Flaming Hands       Spectral Shield
                             Waterbreath         Grim Herald  

Level 4:
         Cure Poison         Detect Invis        Bone Shards
         Detect Poison       Invisibility        Corpse Walk
                             Trance              Trance
Level 5:
         Cure Blind          Blink               Preservation
         Heal Serious        Create Food         Prot. From Undead
         Invigorate          Frostbite           Sacrifice

Level 6:
         Blind               Dispel Magic        Dispel Undead
         Poison              Silence             Empower
                             Enhance Ability     Fade

Level 7:
         Cripple             Fear                Haunt
         Dispel Undead       Fumble              Skeletal Grasp
         Remove Paralysis    Knock
Level 8:
         Protection          Lightning Bolt      Locate Corpse
         Curse               Wizardlock          Phase
         Remove Curse        Summon Familiar     Raise Dead

Level 9:
         Cure Disease        Charm               Life Transfer
         Heal Critical       Gust of Wind        Sentinel
         Earthquake          Confusion           Bane of Frailty 
         Cleansing Touch     Arcane Barrage      Bane of Clumsiness
                                                 Bane of Ineptitude
Level 10:
         Recall              Fireball            Blight
         Sanctuary           Sleep               Exhaust

Level 11:
         Flamestrike         Minor Enchant       Guardian
         Divine Purpose      Legend Lore         Energy Drain
         Binding Heal

Level 12:
         Summon              Haste               Summon Corpse
         Heroism             Acid Arrow

Level 13:
         Heal                ---                 Reave

Level 14:
         ---                 Second Sight        Hone
                             Earth Spike

Level 15:
         Harm                Meteor Swarm        ---
         Purify              Moderate Enchant

Level 16:
         Resurrection         Inferno             Possession
         Word of Grace       Tempest

Level 17:
         Mist                ---                 ---

Level 18:
         ---                 Fireshield          ---
         ---                 Major Enchant

Level 19:
         Divine Intervention     ---             ---

Level 20:
         ---                 Deathstrike         Deathstrike