Orcan Clans Full Release + Shaman!

After long last, Orcan Clans is being fully released! Immerse yourselves in the conflict of the elves of Evermore as they try to reclaim Thal'adriel Watchtower and war against the vicious Fangmaw and Skarag orcs. Experience the new mob class, Shaman, as it is trialed before a full player release next season! View full patch notes here.

Tyler Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

Dive into the immersive realms of Ishar, a high medieval fantasy MUD offering not just a game, but a spiritual journey of continuous growth and rejuvenation. Experience the profound influence of the deity Varenya, who guides the ever-evolving seasons and remorting system, crafting a fresh canvas of unparalleled opportunities for players to carve their destiny anew with each cycle.

Here in Ishar, adventures abound with a vast range of experiences waiting for you: from delving into dark catacombs, exploring angel and daemon-infested snowy forests, to conquering new territories amidst treacherous swamps. Players can anticipate a story-rich backdrop where each class offers a distinctive play-style, including the Warrior, Rogue, Magician, Necromancer, Cleric, and Shaman.

Join a vibrant and supportive community that thrives both in-game and through an active Discord channel. Engage in hack-n-slash adventures peppered with strategic boss battles, where quality writing and immersive zone development are at the forefront, offering a rich sensory experience.

With the seasonal system acting as a catalyst, Ishar is in a state of continuous evolution, introducing new mechanics and content regularly, ensuring a stimulating and fluid gameplay experience. Witness a world that reshapes itself, offering new challenges, treasures, and opportunities to forge your legend.

Embrace Ishar, where every life is a fresh start on the path to greatness, a chance to intertwine your story with the tapestry of its rich lore, and truly make your mark in a world guided by divine intervention and boundless opportunities.

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