Here are a few common questions that are asked about Ishar MUD.

You may also want to visit the MUD Basics help page, our getting started guide, and join us on Discord!

Is Ishar MUD free? #

Yes! While you are welcome to offer support, Ishar MUD is free to use, play, and enjoy.

Are there player classes? #

Yes! There are six (6) player classes available to choose from, when you create a character:

  • Warrior -- For those who seek to master the art of war.
  • Rogue -- Sly and cunning, skilled in all things sublime.
  • Cleric -- The followers of the spirits, both good and evil.
  • Magician -- Practitioners of the mystic arts, masters of magic.
  • Necromancer -- Practitioners of necromancy, masters of the undead.
  • Shaman -- For those who revere and harness the elements.

Are there player races? #

Yes! There are seven (7) player races available to choose from, when you create a character:

  • Human -- appears to be of human origin.
  • Elf -- looks to be of elven descent.
  • Dwarf -- appears dwarvish.
  • Halfling -- seems wizened beyond years, and built stockily yet frail.
  • Gnome -- is possessed of gnomish features.
  • Half-Elven -- looks to be of human and elven descent.
  • Half-Orc -- looks to be of human and orc descent.

Is there role playing? #

No. Ishar MUD does not require role-playing.

What about my equipment when I log out? #

When you sign out or log off, your character's equipment, gear, and inventory is simply preserved until the end of the season.

The season currently changes every four (4) months. You can find more information about seasons at the patches page.

Is death permanent? #

You can choose your game type (either Classic, or Survival mode) each time that you create a new player character!

While survival mode gains experience faster, classic mode subtracts experience upon death, but allows you to retrieve your character's corpse.

Can I have multiple characters or multi-play? #

You can have up to ten (10) player characters per account!

You may actively multi-play three (3) characters at once. Only one account is allowed per person!

Is there player-killing (PK) or player-versus-player (PvP) combat? #

Yes and no. While player-versus-player combat (or PK'ing) is possible, it is uncommon, and not a requirement of the game.

If there is anything that you think is missing, please feel free to reach out, by e-mailing