Drawing upon the ancient knowledge of primal runes and the raw elemental
forces of nature, Shamans are spiritual leaders and guides, equipped to
support and sustain their allies through the toughest of battles. They
channel and shape the elements to serve their will, casting spells of
healing, protection, and even harnessing the destructive potential of nature
to fend off their foes.

   A Shaman's strength lies not in physical might, but in their spiritual
connection to the world around them. With spells that provide utility,
healing, crowd control and a handful of damaging options, a Shaman's presence
on the battlefield can turn the tide of any encounter. Despite their lack of
physical toughness, their ability to manipulate the elements and create
tactical advantages make them a valuable ally.

   Through invoking the power of elemental spirits, Shamans can control the
battlefield, confound their enemies and protect their allies. Their reliance
on Willpower grants them exceptional resilience in the face of magical
threats, though they are less adept at resisting physical harm.

   Primary Stat: Willpower
   Base Expertise: 3
   Base Fortitude: 2
   Base Reflex: 2
   Base Resilience: 4

	Skills: Spell casting - *`help Shaman Spell List` for available spells.

   Harness the primal energies of the world, become a guide and protector to
your allies, embrace the path of the Shaman.

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