Stealthy and agile, the Rogue can move unseen among his enemies and,
through his knowledge of locks and traps, can gain access to even the most
secure areas.  His great agility makes him a difficult target and his
ability to sneak up from the rear and stick sharp things in tender spots
makes him a fearsome enemy.  Rogues often find that they are much quicker to
act than any other class.

   Primary Stat: Agility
   Base Expertise: 3
   Base Fortitude: 2
   Base Reflex: 4
   Base Resilience: 3

   Skills: Backstab, Steal, Sneak, Hide, Pick, Unpick, Feint
           Climb, Detect Traps, Untrap, Kick, Evade, Trip

See Also: Practice, Rogue Skills, Class Expertise