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Help : Player Killing

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PK is to Player Kill.  If you are being attacked by a player, or doing the
attacking, there are some points you should know:

- New players are not allowed to hurt other players for several hours of play.

- A toggle called your Safety should help keep you from accidentally hurting another player.

- If you `quit' out of the game or disconnect at any time, you are still
visible in the room you were last in.  Rent at an Inn to be safe.
%% 3
To return near your last Inn quickly, use the recall spell.  See `help recall`.
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- You may loot only rare equipment from a player corpse.  See `help rarity`.

- If you attack a player or cast a beneficial spell on someone who has
attacked a player and the victim dies (even if not by your hand), you lose
karma; if this gets low enough, other bad things will start happening to
you.  See `help karma`.

- The act of attacking someone by starting combat or casting an aggressive
spell on them allows them to freely retaliate.  If you attack someone, they
can freely retaliate (as shown to them in `consider'), kill you once without
losing any karma.  Also, you will not be able to rent until they
successfully kill you, they `forgive' you or `rent', or a mud day goes by
since the last time you were in combat with them.

- PKs are still subject to other rules.  If you make a habit out of killing
players who don't enjoy the sport of PK, particularly people with no
equipment for you, expect to get smited with no warning.

See Also: Rules, Karma, Safety, Forgive, Consider