The realm is populated by a variety of races, and you may find that some
have characteristics which others do not.

   One statistic which does vary from race to race is the saving throw rolled
when a player or mobile encounters magical attacks, and poison.  Read the help
on Saves to clarify the meaning of the following,  which lists the saving 
bonuses for the races currently available to players:

   Race        Automatic Bonuses to Saving Rolls

   Human       +2 vs. Resilience, +2 vs. Fortitude, +2 vs. Reflex
   Elf         +4 vs. Resilience, +2 vs. Reflex
   Dwarf       +4 vs. Fortitude, +2 vs. Resilience
   Halfling    +4 vs. Reflex, +2 vs. Resilience
   Gnome       +4 vs. Resilience, +2 vs. Reflex
   Half-elf    +4 vs. Resilience, +2 vs. Fortitude
   Half-orc    +3 vs. Fortitude, +3 vs Resilience, -2 vs. Reflex

   With regard to creature races, making common sense assumptions hold true
such as dragons resist magic, and elementals have strong fortitude.
Bear this in mind when fighting odd creatures.

See Also: Saves, Spells