• Syntax: achievement
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: ach

   As your soul journeys through the cyclical world of Ishar, various
actions are noteworthy enough that they follow you. These moments of bravery,
skill, and wisdom are captured as Achievements, a testament to your
accomplishments and a guide for future endeavors.

What Are Achievements?

   Achievements in Ishar are special milestones or tasks that you complete
by engaging in various aspects of the game. These can range from leveling up
your character, completing quests, succeeding in challenges, to remorting
under specific conditions. Achievements are designed to recognize your
progress, challenge your limits, and encourage exploration of all that Ishar
has to offer.

Why Pursue Achievements?

Recognition: Achievements serve as a record of your feats, visible to both
you and others in the community, fostering a sense of accomplishment and

Rewards: Some achievements come with immediate rewards, such as essence,
memories, titles and the ever present achievement points to track your

Guidance: For new and veteran players alike, achievements can provide
direction, suggesting new challenges to undertake and areas to explore.

How to View and Track Achievements

   To view your achievements or check the progress of specific milestones,
use the "achievement" command. 

   With no argument, it will show your last three most recently completed
achievements, within three days. Additionally it will show all achievements,
organized into collapsed categories. You will need more specificity to drill
down further.

   With an argument of "search" followed by text, it will attempt to find any
achievements whose name or description contain the search text.
    i.e. achievement search classic - returns all achievements with "Classic"
    in their name or description

   Else, if an argument besides search is specified, it assumes you are
attempting to open a category. 

   i.e. achievement general - will open up the top level, "General" category. 
   This will redisplay achievements within this category, with more
   achievements optionally organized into sub-categories. 

   Lastly, you may specify a sub-category.

   i.e. achievement general classic - will open up the "Classic" subcategory
   beneath the "General" category, displaying all achievements therein.

See Also: Titles, Memories, Account, Essence