An excerpt from the Book of All - Library of Mareldja:
   "And so the void opened, and a great undead horde surged forth,
wreaking havoc and destruction across the lands of Ishar.  The first to
fall were the elves, their forests being closest to the black portal.
Some elves fled and others hid, but the vast majority were slain by the
overwhelming dark tide.  Finding no end to the waves of the unliving, the
survivors banded together and armed themselves.  With a great effort of
willpower and strength, they fought back the hordes long enough to
construct a gargantuan stone wall, towering high above the trees of the
forest, holding back the legions of the undead.
   Finding themselves once more in a time of peace, the elves began to
rebuild their homelands.  Working diligently for centuries, they brought
the vast forest back to its former glory, beneath the sanctity of the
wall.  All, it would seem, was well.
   And unto the King and Queen were born two children.  The first, a
daughter they named Erin, followed shortly by their son, Talin.  As they
grew, Erin learned that it was her destiny to become the future ruler of
the kingdom, as she was the first blood of the former king.  Unhappy with
his secondary ranking, Talin grew bitter and resentful of his sister.  And
when the time of the King's passing came to be, Talin summoned a number of
his followers and stormed into Erin's chambers, intent on ridding himself
of competition for the throne.  But his sister was skilled in the ways of
the mystics, and she vanished with the utterance of a few powerful words
of magic.  Quickly gathering her few supporters, she fled northward, into
the unsettled forest beneath the northern snow-capped mountains.
   Here was founded the nation of Erinesia.  And to the south, Talin
claimed the kingdom for his own, and thus Talinesia was born.  Such is the
history of the nations, and such is the history of the great Eastern War
that rages to this day beneath the lush firs of the Elven Homelands."
   Recommended Levels: 12+
   Group Size: Any
   Elves of the east are possessed of ancient and unusual magics, the
   likes of which you may not have encountered in the past.  Beware of new
   combat tactics and magical abilities that may be used against you
   within the forests and surrounding countryside of the Elven Homelands.