• Syntax: cast 'second sight'
  • Level: 14
  • Class: Magician
  • Save: none
   A mage, once suitably trained and experienced, may call upon his/her senses
in a heightened manner, thus detecting the presence of nearby dangers in the
form of aggressive creatures and traps.  This is done with a light trance,
which may have a minor adverse effect upon other spells cast while Second
Sight is being used, as the mage must keep some energy directed and focused
upon maintaining the trance.  Second Sight may have other uses as well, but
those are left for the player to discover.

  Second Sight may be removed by application of Dispel Magic.  Second Sight
also allows the caster to detect the invisible, hidden and alignment.

See Also: Spell Dispel Magic, Spell Detect Invisibility, Spell Detect Life, Spell Detect Alignment