• Syntax: who [<person>]
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: who
                     who [<min level>]

   This command is used to display who is currently logged into the system.
It only displays those users visible to you.

   When playing Ishar, players might be invisible to you for many reasons
They may have an invisibility spell cast on them or they may be in the dark. 
To see such players you may need 'detect invisibilty' and/or 'dark vision'.

   When used with a level as the argument, "who" will return all players
visible to you that are at least the level you provided.

   When passed the name of a player, it will show you just the who line for
that person.  This is the only way who will show you idle players, which
normally aren't shown.

See Also: Title, Spell Invisible, Spell Infravision, Spell Detect Invisibility