History of the Zoo at Barcas

    Once Barcas had established its reputation for power and 
wealth, the nobility -- in a rather out-of-character and generous
move -- decided to offer up something for all citizens to enjoy.
The Zoo at Barcas was opened as a way to show off the island's
wealth and extravagance, while tossing crumbs to the city's poor by
charging no admission.  The plan worked.  Crowds flocked to the zoo
-- especially to see its showpiece draj, Annabelle.  The city makes
a fortune on the concession-stand prices and the citizens of Barcas
hail its leaders for their goodwill.

    The zoo's inhabitants range from small, lovable critters to 
rather large beasts into whose cages you dare not stick your hand.
That said, the Zoo at Barcas is a rather lovely place to spend a
day eating snacks with the kiddies.


    Recommended Levels: 8-20
    Group Size: 2-5