Record of Lord Calaista's Report on The Resurgence of Pirates:
   My Queen Teltheilar, you have set before me the task of investigating the
claims of merchants and sailors who come into our port and speak of a new
scourge upon the waters. I have undertaken this task with the utmost gravity
and have learned much.

   I regret to inform Her Majesty that these claims have not been exaggerated.
A self proclaimed "Pirate Lord" has arisen and has raised a crew of exceeding
deadliness. This "Pirate Lord" has been quite difficult to identify but I have
finally pegged him, with the help of our counter parts in Barcas, as one Flynn

   He was a high officer in their navy, personally tutored and trained by
the great Volsung himself. As Her Majesty is aware, the Barcian's pride
themselves on discipline and this chaffed Flynn.  One day he took the fine ship
he had been commissioned and never returned to Barcas' port.

   It was soon after this that the Barcians began to lose an ever greater
number of merchant ships and they started to suspect piracy. Several flotillas
were dispatched to bring the rogue to heel and none ever returned. 

   Mareldja's military strength has never been in her navy, rather in her trade
and landed forces. It is therefore my recommendation that we do not risk our
ships in direct confrontation with this "Pirate Lord" Flynn and instead
put a bounty on his head and allow nature to take its course. Her Majesty knows
Mareldja is plagued with a plethora of glory mad adventurers who need to have
their...unique talents utilized.

-Lord Kyrac Calaista, Chancellor to the Throne   


   Recommended Levels: 17-20
   Group Size: 2-4

   Adventurers who wish to claim the bounty of Flynn should speak with Kyrac.
   He can be found in the Audience Hall with the Queen.