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Help : Use

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   If you wish to employ the magic of a staff or wand, "use" is the command
for you.  Staffs do not require a victim because they hit everyone in the room
except for the user.  Because of this, staffs are very powerful and must be
used with care.  Wands must be used on a specific person so the <victim> must
be supplied.

   The wand/staff and your body are involved in a great release of
magical energy.  Unless your Focus and Willpower are high, you will be
unable to use any wand for a while.  Being higher level helps too.

   If you look at the device, it'll tell you around when you can next use it.
If the spell level > than your level, it will greatly increase the delay.
If it's not an offensive wand, this delay is shorter.

They dissolve when they are completely discharged.

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