Deep within the eastern pine forest rises a great tower.  Once inhabited by
a band of magic-using elves, the tower is now overrun with orcs.  Local legend
explains the situation as follows:

   Fleeing the devastation in the east, the elves came to the forest and
constructed a great tower to house themselves and to shelter them from harm.
The tower served these purposes for many years, until a wandering group of
orcs chanced upon it and decided to make it their own.

   Although the elves possessed superior magics and superior protection, they
were not without other enemies, and the task of warding off still more
creatures was simply too great.  One day, as the elves focused their attention
on a critical magical experiment, the orcs attacked and easily gained entry to
the undefended tower.  Their leader, Olak, ordered that the elves be
exterminated.  The orcs ravaged the tower in minutes, slaying the elves and
demolishing their magical devices.  They failed only in finding Shiram, the
elven leader, whose whereabouts remain a mystery.


   Recommended levels: 14+
   Group size: 2-3

   Be extremely cautious when venturing to the fallen tower, as the orcs do
   not welcome guests.