Legend tells of a great seabourne beast, the Leviathan.  Little is known
of its beginnings, just that it was born aeons ago in the time of chaos,
when the world was young and there was but one law; Grow - or Die. And
grow it did, devouring any unfortunate creature of the primordial seas that
happened across its path. Though its growth never ceased the oceans of the
world are a vast frontier, and even a creature of its immense size went
unnoticed by the gods; a throwback from times none but it were there to
remember. Unnoticed that is, until the budding curiosity of the Eldritch
races drove them to seek lands other than their own, across the great
expanses of water that were the ancient seas.  So it was that the Leviathan
came to taste its first soul.  But the Leviathan was not of the gods, not
of their great plan.  It was an aberration outside the circle, and so the
souls of those first sailors awakened in it a hunger like it had never
before known.  Soon no prey could satisfy it but one; sentient life.  It
gorged itself on all it could find, consuming whole coastal communities to
satisfy its ravenous hunger.  Its victims were transformed into horrible
undead mockeries of their former selves, and their consciousness was added
to its own.  None could stop it, the gods themselves trembled in fear at
its sheer enormity.  For centuries it feasted, until, when no more dared
venture near the sea and the glut was finished, the Leviathan slept.  And
a long sleep it was, long enough for him to slip from the memory of the
world once again.

    Until one day an unfortunate priest, left adrift by pirates in waters
far from home, washed ashore in a strange land.  Barely alive, driven mad
from thirst and starvation, the priest prayed with all his might to any
that were listening.  Unfortunately, something was.  Something that felt...
hungry.  A great presence in his mind, huge and old, promised a life of
power and glory, if only he could sate its hunger.  He knew at that moment
he would either be food, or bring food, and he too was hungry.  So the
Leviathan received its first soul willingly given, and the fool priest
began the process of unleashing the devourer into the world of man once

    During its great sleep, the world physically changed around the beast.
When the foolhardy priest stumbled across its place of rest, that place
was far different than when it had began to slumber.  Water levels had
dropped, sediment had gathered, and a great mountain had formed around the
Serpent.  Drowsy and weak from thousands of years of sleep, escape would be
impossible without help.  The clergyman was a start, but more would be
needed.  Dark magic twisted the bodies of hapless animals, turning them
into freakish nightmares to protect its sleeping form.  Promises of wealth
and immortality lured any who strayed to close to the beast into its
clutches, to be consumed and added to the slowly growing legion of
followers. It would be some time before the threat of the Leviathan was
again known to the people of Ishar, but for a beast older than memory
itself, time was a luxury it had plenty of.
                       -Memoirs of a God gone Mad


    Recommended Levels: 17-20
    Group Size: 2-5

    Though meant for higher levels, this area should not be particularly
    dangerous to the cautious and well prepared.  A magician is required
    to complete the quest.  Players should look past the frontier settlment
    north of J'rel to find the beast's resting place.