• Level: Every 2 levels you get a bonus to each save. So your saves are
  • Class: Each class has different "save" strengths - you can check each
               'Saves' are die rolls to determine if a particular attribute combines
with a lucky die roll to mitigate the effect of something nasty that is
about to happen to you.  There are three different types of saves and each
one is impacted by different character statistics, up to a maximum of 10.

  Reflex     Agility & Perception  How nimbly you can avoid effects.

  Fortitude  Strength & Endurance  How well you can stand up to effects
                                   that assault your physical form.

  Resilience  Willpower & Focus    How well you can withstand mental
                                 and magical effects

   Saves are calculated based on your character's race, class, stat
pairing and then any bonuses from magic or gear. 

   Race: Each race gives a baseline, flat bonus to a save. Dwarves give
   +4 to fortitude and +2 to resilience, meaning they start off 4 Fort,
   0 Ref and 2 Res.

   class helpfile for each one. Every 6 levels, your character will get
   a boost to each save based on the classes base. Warriors have a base 
   of 4 fortitude, 3 reflex and 2 resilience.

   Stat Pairing: As stated above, your stat pairing effects the save up
   to a maxiumum of +10. See "help stat pairing" for more information.

   also equal to level / 2.

   For example, a level 10 dwarf warrior:

      From being a dwarf your character starts with 4 fortitude saves
      and 2 Resilience saves. 

      From being a warrior, your character starts with 4 fortitude saves
      3 reflex save, and 2 resilience. 

      Each save scales at its base rate, similar to class expertise (going
      up at levels 6, 12 and 18). So from being level 10, the warrior now 
      has a base of 8 fortitude saves, 6 reflex saves, and 2 resilience.

      From being level 10, you gain +5 to all of your saves.

      To save on repetitive calculations, we'll say that the warriors
      stat pairings results in an addition 8 fort, 5 reflex and 2 Resilience

      This warrior would then have a total of:

      Fort: 15 Ref: 13 Res: 7

   To determine if you save against a particular effect, you roll the
required saving throw vs the source expertise rating. A saving throw
is 1d20 + your save value, where rolling a 1 on the 1d20 constitutes
an automatic failure and a 20 constitute an automatic success. 

   Using the example help 'help class expertise' of the level 10 mage
with 18 perception has an expertise rating of 13. 

   Therefore, if the mage casts a spell that requires a fortitude save,
the warrior would roll 1d20 + 15 vs the mage's 1d20 + 13, if the warrior
wins, the effect is saved. You can see, he is favored in this match up. 
But if the mage is smart and can determine that as a dwarf warrior, he
will have high fortitude saves and maybe lower Resilience, he can then
instead cast spells to target Resilience, he has to beat the mage's 
1d20+13 with a 1d20+7, the mage is very favored here.

See Also: Statistics, Races, Stat Pairing, Class Expertise