An excerpt from the rare Tome of Daemonic Studies - Volume III, the pride of
the Mareldjan library at over 2,000 years old, by the 19th century wizard and
scholar Aelryc.
   And it is without a doubt that despite her young age, Morimaere is among the
strongest of all the daemonic beings.  Though it has been theorized for many
centuries, the recent mass gatings of daemons into our world by Alestar proves
that there are other planes of reality than the one we observe.  Morimaere is
said to possess the ability to travel between these planes of reality at will,
gathering untold arcane secrets in her journies.  It is my theory that she did
not participate in Alestar's war, as she thought herself too great to be
commanded by a mere mortal, or even a God in Thurvun.  Or, perhaps, she was
simply busy acquiring more knowledge.

   Her motives are entirely unknown, even among others of her kind.  She may be
preparing for a great conquest.  Or she may be entirely harmless, pursuing
an unquenchable thirst for magic.  The only thing that can be certain is her
immense power.  The ability to travel through realities is an ability currently
only known to exist in the Ring of Planes, the cursed artifact crafted by the
betrayer God Thurvun.  To consider another being of Thurvun's knowledge and
unknown intentions is, at best, horrifying.


   He is only ever referred to as "The Sleeper" as he has apparently never
revealed his true name.  Rumors place his strength at the pinnacle of all
daemonic beings, maybe all sentient beings, but it is currently shattered
across numerous planes of reality.  He is said to be always seeking a way to
unite his existence into one place and time, and thus far has been unsuccessful.
This seems possible given some of the outlandish powers of various Daemons,
though it is by no means substantiated.


   Called Sangrhe, I personally believe this to be a self-given name.  He is,
by all accounts, entirely insane.  He fancies himself a "redeemer" seeking to
free others from tyranny.  In practice, this usually means a blood-bath.  His
most common method of freeing others from what he deems unjust servitude -
which has included priests devoting themselves to a God - is to free their
souls from their bodies, by freeing their blood from their veins.


   Recommended Levels: 20
   Group Size: ?

   Rumors of unrest among the barbarian hordes in the north is spreading
rapidly among the lands of Ishar.  In their usual closed nature, the barbarians
refuse to discuss anything at length with the other peoples of the world,
but what they have said is shocking if true.  They speak of daemon sightings,
of stumbling across the remains of cataclysmic battles that are soon buried
in the driving snow, and of various unnatural oddities such as animated trees.

   Early expeditions to uncover the source of these whispers have yet to see
a scout return home.