• Syntax: none
  • Level: 11
  • Class: Cleric
  • Save: no effect against those of the same alignment
   At level 11 a cleric may devote themself to a crusade against those not
in alignment with their own chosen deity.  After suitably pleasing their 
deity, the cleric may find additionally blessings and power bestowed upon 
their granted abilities, in accordance to the will of whom they worship.

Without Divine Favor
     - Gain 0.1% divine favor when dealing damage to enemies not of your

With Divine Favor

* Good aligned (Isneen)
     - 25% more efficacy on healing spells (Minor, Serious, Critical, Heal)

* Neutral (Aerodyte) 
     - Regenerate 1% mana when dealing damage through melee or spells to 
	   enemies not of your alignment. 
* Evil (Thurvun)
     - 20% more damage to Flamestrike
	 - Harm now curses as well as blinds
	 - Earthquake deals a separate 2d(level / 2) fire damage to the room
See Also: sacrifice