It is written that in the ancient past, before the time of Alestar, that
a group of humans left their homes by the ocean and journeyed north under
the guidance of a powerful spirit. It is also written that they found a
valley in the icy wastes of the far north, a valley which was perpetually
warm and sunny despite the blizzards that howled around it. This valley
remained hidden from the world for the rest of its history, evading
conquering armies and enterprising traders. The route through the blizzards,
they say, was hidden forever, and any expeditions that tried to reach the
valley would be lost forever in the snow. They say.

   Poppycock, I tell you. Absolute poppycock. Now go away, I've far more
important things to do.

Carallax, Court Historian.


    Recommended Levels: Any
    Group Size: Any

    The blizzards can be found north of Napenthe, above the mountain pass 
    there.  The Teraleans are rather welcoming to outsiders, despite not 
    having met any for centuries on end.  You may also find that going unseen
    lets you see a different side of valley life than going visible does.
    Keep your eyes open for hints about the valley's long history.