• Syntax: chat <filter>
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: chat
The chat command allows you to view your recent chat history within the game.
This history includes messages from various communication channels such as
group messages, whispers, shouts, etc. You can use this command to review past
conversations, catch up on messages you might have missed, and keep track of
your in-game interactions.


[type]: Optionally, you can specify a type of message to filter the chat
history. The types can be one of the following:

- group: Displays only group messages (Group Tells).
- say: Shows messages from the 'say' command.
- tell: Filters for private messages sent directly to you.
- shout: Shows messages that were shouted.
- whisper: Displays messages that were whispered to you.
- yell: Shows messages that were yelled.

Specifying a type helps you focus on a particular kind of communication, making
it easier to find specific messages.

[name]: Alternatively, you can specify a player's name to filter messages based
on the sender. For example, chat Perrin will show all messages where Perrin is
the sender. This is useful for tracking conversations with specific individuals.

[num unit]: Lastly, you can specify a time frame to filter messages, where the 
first argument is the number and the second argument is the time unit (i.e
1 minute (abbr: min)) to filter the last minute.

- Minute / Min
- Second / Sec
- Hour / Hr


chat: Displays your entire chat history.

chat group: Shows only group messages in your chat history.

chat Perrin: Displays all messages sent by the player named Perrin.

chat 1 minute: Displays all messages within the past minute

The chat history is maintained only for your current session. Once you log out,
this history is cleared. Also, the chat history is subject to a limit on the
number of messages it can store, so older messages may be purged as new ones