After you've played for a while, you will undoubtedly find things about
the game which you'd like to see changed.  And we, the gods, are interested
in what you have to say.  However, be warned that with more than a decade
experience in running this game, there are very many ideas which we've heard
or thought of and discarded for various reasons.

To increase the likelihood if your idea being implemented, it should:

- Offer a big improvement for how much work it is to implement.  Big changes
  that take months or years of work would cause many smaller changes to not
  get done instead.  What you are suggesting should be obviously worth the
  amount of effort that it requires.

- Be a well-formed, balanced idea that makes the game more interesting in a
  way that neither significantly increases the power of everyone in the game
  or radically alters the power of any given race/class/whatever.  The game
  is supposed to take a while; making everyone kill everything faster just
  makes it more repetitious.

- Adds to diversity of play where possible.  Adding more classes with all of
  the same spells/skills with different names isn't interesting and neither
  is giving combat spells to warriors or bash to thieves.

Things that increase likelihood of your message being ignored completely:

- Failure to spell correctly, use proper punctuation or capitalization. 
  If you can't take the time to even make your text readable, then it
  probably isn't worth the time it takes us to read it.  So we don't.

- If a god offers a reply to your idea, failing to listen to their input 
  and instead challenging their intelligence or authority.  In particular,
  any response that involves taking a poll of other players in an attempt to
  "prove" the quality of your idea is just a waste of board space.

Be aware that all of the gods have lives and jobs and are only able to give
a few hours per week to the game.  We already know of hundreds of things
that need to be worked on and are only interested in adding your idea to
that list if it is truly exceptional and compatible with our vision for the
future of the game.  You should be working to convince us that it is.

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