Final journal entry of Decaren Jorel, some 350 years ago ...

    The Homestead Feast has come once more, and a joyous occasion it is.
Fifty years to the day since our tears of gratitude to the gods fell upon
this shore.  Few of us old worlders still remain to remember that day, but
the dancing of our children and grandchildren reminds us of what once we
did not have and what we have accomplished since.  An old man might not
be blamed for reflecting awhile...

    The years after the landing brought unbounded enthusiasm.  No one spoke
of past glories, nor of the land of darkness that we left.  You might
assume we were trying to forget, but I believe we simply didn't have time.
The climate was warm and fruit and grain grew naturally -- we wasted no
time establishing the city we had dreamed of.  Builders laid foundations,
teachers unpacked books, farmers planted seed, inventors began to
create, explorers set forth.

    Of course there have been trials and the occasional tragedy, but such
is life.  There have been the skirmishes with the scaled tribesmen -- a
shame that such savages could not be of help, but they've left us be for
years now.  The bickering and violence over the forestlands south of the
river are a damned embarrassment, but everyone is convinced that the
putrid leaf that grows so densely there is a natural wonder of some kind.
And of course there are the deaths of those men who set out to climb Mount
M'chel.  Horrific and unnatural, but I continue to believe entirely
unnecessary.  If only they could have ... understood fully.

    But enough of this self indulgence.  I should be grateful that I could
live to see this undiscovered wildnerness become our fine town.  If even
a fraction of the bold plans I've had brought before me by wide-eyed
young men and women come to fruition, I expect this to become a city of
envy across the world, if they could ever see it.

    If only they hadn't named it after me.  Such foolishness granting that
high honor to an old navigator!  Ah well, I think I shall take a walk,
perhaps a little further this time.


    Recommended Levels: Any
    Group Size: Any

    The half-elves of J'rel are friendly and industrious people and their
    city has everything one might need.  Once entirely isolated, the
    J'relians have brought their shipbuilding skill to bear and established
    a link with the "old world".  Their swift trade ship docks regularly at
    Mareldja's port.