To talk to people right now, try: say hi

Otherwise, Ishar provides many ways for you to communicate with others.

 say <thing>               says <thing> everyone in the same room as you.
 quote <thing>             quotes <thing> everyone in the same room as you.
 address <person> <thing>  says <thing> to <person>, visible to the whole room.
 whisper <person> <thing>  says <thing> to <person> mostly privately.
 tell <person> <thing>     tells <thing> to <person> privately.
 gtell <thing>             tells <thing> to your group members.
 yell <thing>              yells <thing> to everyone in your area.
 shout <thing>             shouts <thing> to all players.

Additionally, there are many commands available to communication gestures or
expressions to the people in the same room as you.  Try: smile

See `help socials` for more information about commands like 'smile'.
See `help quiet` for information on reducing the amount of noise you hear.

See Also: Say, Quote, Address, Whisper, Tell, Gtell, Yell, Shout