Ishar MUD

Help : Communication

If you are new here, you may want to download one of many MUD clients, and see our getting started guide.

(such as "spell" or "MUD Basics")

To talk to people right now, try: say hi

Otherwise, Ishar provides many ways for you to communicate with others.

 say <thing>               says <thing> everyone in the same room as you.
 quote <thing>             quotes <thing> everyone in the same room as you.
 address <person> <thing>  says <thing> to <person>, visible to the whole room.
 whisper <person> <thing>  says <thing> to <person> mostly privately.
 tell <person> <thing>     tells <thing> to <person> privately.
 gtell <thing>             tells <thing> to your group members.
 yell <thing>              yells <thing> to everyone in your area.
 shout <thing>             shouts <thing> to all players.

Additionally, there are many commands available to communication gestures or
expressions to the people in the same room as you.  Try: smile

See `help socials` for more information about commands like 'smile'.
See `help quiet` for information on reducing the amount of noise you hear.

See Also: Say, Quote, Address, Whisper, Tell, Gtell, Yell, Shout