• Syntax: cast fireshield
  • Level: 12
  • Class: Magician
  • Save: None
   This spell creates a crystaline shield around the caster, which can absorb
damage from flame-related spells.  It does not protect the caster in a hot
room.  If the damage caused by a related attack overcomes the shield, it is
destroyed, and the caster takes the remaining amount of damage.  Depending on
the level of the caster, the shield may be able to absorb multiple hits before
being destroyed.  This spell is also timed, and so the fireshield eventually
dissipates, even if it never comes into play.

      Fireshield: level + (level / 4)dlevel

      Level hours / 2

      Level 20 - Incoming fire damage 60
            Fireshield: 20 + 5d20 = 20 + ~(52) = 72

            Damage is reduced to 0 and 12 fireshield is left. 

         Duration: 10 hours

See Also: Spell Fireball, Spell Flaming Hands, Spell Flamestrike, Spell Inferno