Spurred by his lust for power, Alester made a pact with the god Thurvun to
dominate the world.  With Thurvun on his side, the high priest and his lords of
terror shrouded the world in darkness. Alestar took his horde north and
established a throne and from there he ruled his conquered world...his reign was
not without turmoil; the covenant between the high priest and god broke...cursed
and abandoned, Alester grew madder by the day.

   His madness would drive him to suspect every whisper and unconfirmed report.
A rumor of a usurper would finally reach the throne.  Fearing that the prophecy
of his demise may come to pass, he commanded one of his generals, Hashak to
dispatch a company to put an end to the upraising and establish a command
installation in the south. The post would be vital in his efforts to quell the
unruly populace.

   The task would fall to a commander known for his cunning and cruel
disposition. Khanzab stood above all others; a hard-nosed tactician and veteran
of a hundred battles.  He took this calling with great stride. Khanzab and his
lieutenants slowly made their way south and laid fire to every town and village
that dared voice a challenge.  In their wake, the commander and his legion of
apparitions left a path of scorched earth and destruction.

...It is said that true evil is born in battle���there they stood, amid the
darkness and chaos���


    Recommended Levels: 17-20
    Group Size: 3+
    The tower was built deep within the grasslands, overlooking Oldgate, a
    prime tactical position. Be wary, however, the commander and his
    lieutenants do not take kindly to visitors.