Message 5 : re: stats cap and skills (Rohirrim)
Tue, Feb 03, 2015  17:39:39  -0800 (PST)

sorta.  there are instances where the +5% is completely ignored; this is
almost entirely in various mocha functions.

the rest of the game uses stat pairs (help stat pairing).  the +5%s can
help there.  the pairing of the stat is done by the harmonic average
2*a*b/(a+b), which basically means the weaker number wins out.

The harmonic average cannot go above 25, but if you had 25 str,
+20% to str, and 10 agility, and you were looking at the melee damage
then the +20% str would factor in and give you the avg of 15 instead of

List of stat pairs for Skills:

"Trip",            S_AGI, S_PER,
"Enrage"           S_WIL, S_STR,
"Listen",          S_END, S_PER,
"Shield Block",    S_END, S_WIL,
"Feint",           S_END, S_PER,
"Evade",           S_AGI, S_WIL,
"Sneak",           S_AGI, S_WIL,
"Hide",            S_END, S_WIL,
"Steal",           S_AGI, S_FOC,
"Backstab",        S_AGI, S_PER,
"Pick Locks",      S_AGI, S_FOC,
"Detect Traps",    S_AGI, S_PER,
"Remove Traps",    S_AGI, S_PER,
"Climb",           S_AGI, S_WIL,
"Kick",            S_PER, S_STR,
"Bash",            S_PER, S_STR,
"Rescue",          S_STR, S_WIL,
"Parry",           S_AGI, S_FOC,
"Disarm",          S_AGI, S_FOC,
"Hunt",            S_END, S_PER