• Syntax: cast 'earthen step' <direction>
  • Level: 10
  • Class: Shaman
  • Save: N/A
            Posn   : Sitting

Calling upon the might of the earth, the Shaman can manipulate the very ground
beneath their feet to aid in their journey. This remarkable ability allows them
to traverse two rooms in the chosen direction, skipping over intervening terrain
and appearing almost as if they've stepped through the earth itself.

However, the Shaman's affinity with the earth has its limitations. The spell
cannot cross bodies of water, open air, or indoor locations, as the earth's power
cannot reach these areas.

Utility: Moves the Shaman two rooms in the chosen direction
Limitations: Cannot cross water, open air, or indoor rooms

Level 10 - Cast 'earthen step' east:
The Shaman moves two rooms to the east, bypassing the room in between.
The spell fails if either of the rooms is over water, open air, or indoors.

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