• Syntax: recount <filter> <index>
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: reco
   Recount is a tool used to aggregate combat data and give you information
about how various aspects of the last combat went. 

   It accepts two optional parameters. With no arguments it will default to 
   'all' for the most recent index.

   Filter : 'all', 'melee', 'tank', 'cast', 'heal'.
      These filters are used to drill down to the parts of the recount that you
      care most about. The names should be self-indicative of what they will 

   Index : 1-5 or 'all'

      Index will pull up the specific fight recount specified.

   Note: This is an experimental tool with a lot of complexity. If you find
   issues or have suggestions, feel free to bring them up. There're known 
   issues with how recount performs in fights against multiple mobs, as it 
   uses death to roll over to the next index. So, data for a fight where 
   multiple mobs die will most likely be nonsensical.