• Syntax: (none)
  • Level: 1
  • Minimum: n/a
  • Class: all
  • Stats: Endurance/Willpower
   The skill of shield blocking is open to all classes and once learned, is
handled automatically as you fight.  You must, as the name implies, be holding
a shield for this skill to come into play.  The chance varies depending on
your skill, the quality of the shield, and the offensive ability of your
opponent.  Warriors are significantly better at this skill than others;
Clerics, Thieves, Magicians and Necromancers make less use of their shields
in combat, in that order, but always have some chance in any situation.

   While Parrying, Evading, Feinting or Enraged, your chance to
Shield Block is halved.

See Also: Skills, Combat, Parry, Evade, Feint, Enrage