You may ask for `help <command>' for any of the following commands:

INFORMATION:    help, look, examine, exits, who, users, where, score,      
                purse, equipment, inventory, news, time, date, uptime,
                season, chat   
MOVEMENT:       north, south, east, west, up, down, mount, dismount        
                stand, sit, rest, sleep, wake, open, close, lock, unlock   
COMMUNICATION:  say, address, emote, tell, ask, reply, gtell, yell, shout  
OBJECTS:        get, put, give, drop, wear, hold, wield, remove, use       
                open, close, eat, drink, quaff, fill, pour, recite         
GROUPS:         follow, group, gtell, disband, split, glance, yank         
COMBAT:         kill, cast, flee, wimpy, consider, watch, protect, drag    
LEAVING:        quit, offer, rent, deleteme                                
SETTINGS:       display, config, chdescr, title, password, quiet                   
MISCELLANEOUS:  practice, train, spells, levels, gather, bug, idea, typo   
%% 21

Consort:  at, echo, goto, zones,  invis, invstart, nohassle,
          reveal, set, stat, switch, throw
%% 22

Immortal: add, copy, delete, edit, imm, load, noimm, nospec, place,
          purge, recompile, regen, restore (self), rooms, snoop, show
%% 23

Artisan:  echoto, flag, force (mobs), hearall, nowiz, trans, unveil, wiz
%% 24

Eternal:  backup, ban, bolt, chown, decay, force (players), frob,
          reboot, reload, shutdown, system, time <command>
%% 25

Forger:  woz
%% 26

God:      become, memcheck, move, permissions, snapshot
%% 0

See Also: Topics, Mud Basics, Rules, Classes, Skills, Combat, Innkeepers, Shopkeepers, Bankers, Boards, Socials