• Syntax: enrage
  • Level: 7
  • Minimum: enr
  • Class: Warrior
  • Stats: Willpower/Strength
    While in combat, a warrior may decide to leave finesse out of it and
aim to savagely beat his or her opponent.  Throwing all your might behind
every blow will increase the damage you inflict, but reduces your chance
to hit a bit.  Also, while focused on brutality, one's own defense
is mostly ignored.  Rage requires the warrior be using a weapon.

    A suitably powerful blow while enraged may cause heightened blood lust,
making you further neglect your armor in favor of damage.

   While enraging, your self-control and decision making are impaired by the 
bloodlust. You will be unable to use magical items, aside from potions, and
you will find it harder to flee from combat.

      Armor : -40%
      Damage: +15%
      Attack: -10%

      On a successful hit, roll your skill in a chance to increase your rage.
      Critical strikes make it easier.
      Damage: + stat pairing up to a max of 4. 
      Armor:  + Level

See Also: Warrior, Warrior Skills