As the game currently allows multiplaying up to three characters, most
players fine it convenient to set up triggers in their MUD client to allow for
one character to control their others.  This help page is dedicated to
providing a simple guide to help players get their characters up and going on
various MUD clients.

*Mudlet - Tyler's client of choice.

   1) Set up a profile for each character you will want to multiplay.
   2) Enter a profile and select the "Triggers" button on the top toolbar.
   3) Create a new trigger and name it anything (e.g. "All Purpose")
   4) Under the first text field (labeled 0), enter the following pattern.
          ^\*\*\*> NAME: (.*)$
   where NAME is equivalent to the name of the character you would to
   have control.
   5) Select "perl regex" from the dropdown menu to the right of the field.
   6) In the large blank text field at the bottom of the screen input the
   following text.
   7) Save the trigger.
   8) Test
   9) Repeat for each profile you want to control.

   Notes: If the trigger does not work, try to remove the ^ and $ from the
   trigger pattern. These make the trigger safer and less open to 
   exploitation. If you would like more than one character to have control,
   repeat steps 4-5 on the following line with a different character name.