• Syntax: look [room]
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: l
                     look in <container>
         look in <container> [on] <person>
         look [at] <person>|<object>|<mob>|<direction>

   Look, with no argument, displays the room name and description.  It also
displays any persons, objects or mobiles in the room that are visible to you.

   Look in <container> lists out the contents of a container that are visible
to you if the container is open.  You can do this to other people's
containers, too, but they probably won't approve of your doing so.  
%% 22

   If the object is an open container, looking into it shows the .INSIDE extra
description, if it exists.
%% -21

   Look [at] <object>|<person>|<mob> displays a description of the object,
person, or mob specified.  The 'at' is optional.

      look in box
      look at board
      look hostess

See Also: Examine, Open, Close, Steal, Watch, Objects, Mobiles, Rooms, Invisibility