Ishar MUD

Help : History

If you are new here, you may want to download one of many MUD clients, and see our getting started guide.

(such as "spell" or "MUD Basics")

   Show the last 10 minutes of your commands.  The number before
each command is a command number, which may be used with the repeat 
character "!".

- To repeat command number 47, just do "!47".  To see command numbers
  as you type, put "~C" in your prompt.
- To repeat the last command that started with "tell" do "!tell".
- To repeat the last command that contained the word "blah", do "!?blah".
- To repeat whatever was 5 commands ago, do "!!!!!" or "!-5".

If the repeat character doesn't work right, your mud client (such
as Tintin) is probably using it itself and isn't passing it on to the mud.

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