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Help : Warrior Skills

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Skill Name     Level     Stats      Description                       
Bash             1      PER/STR     Bash an opponent, knocking them prone

Kick             1      PER/STR     Kick an opponent.
Shield Block     1      END/WIL     Chance to block an incoming attack with
                                    a shield.

Disarm           3      AGI/FOC     Attempt to disarm a creature

Hunt             3      END/PER     Attempt to track a creature

Parry            3      AGI/FOC     Assume a defensive stance, attempting to
                                    use your weapon to counter incoming blows.
Riposte          5      AGI/FOC     Attempt to use a parry to your advantage, 
                                    making your next strike much more likely 
                                    to succeed.                                

Rescue           5      STR/WIL     Interpose yourself between an ally and a 
                                    foe, forcing their attention upon you 
Enrage           7      WIL/STR     Assume a reckless stance, dealing extra
                                    damage at the cost of your defense.

Cleave           9      STR/AGI    Prepare your next blow to hit multiple

Second Wind      10     STR/END     Attempt to draw from your inner strength,
                                    allowing you to last longer in combat.

Taunt            11     STR/WIL     Attempt to taunt all enemies around,
                                    redirecting their aggression to you.

Critical         13     -------     Your critical strikes have additional
Specialization                      effects based on the weapon type.									

Die Hard         15     END/WIL     Occasionally survive an otherwise fatal

Rallying Cry     18     END/WIL     Rally your allies for combat

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