Ishar is a complex software project, and as with any such project,
there might be flaws in the game. We do our best to keep the code
bug-free, but we rely on players to report any issues they encounter.

   We now reward players with items based on the severity of the bug and
the number of previous bugs they have reported. The bug's severity can be
classified as minor, moderate, or severe. The rewards are selected from
predefined arrays of items, and the item given depends on the number of
bugs the player has previously reported.

   To report a bug, please send an email to or post in
the bug-reports channel on our Discord server. Make sure to provide enough
detail so that the administrators can reproduce the problem. Exploiting a
bug before reporting it may result in a reduced reward.

   Bugs that benefit players are more likely to earn rewards. Examples of
such bugs include:

	- Killing another player without losing XP
	- Obtaining or duplicating a limited item significantly more
	 easily than intended 
	- Obtaining money significantly more easily than any other method
	 at their level 
	- Killing a much higher-level mob significantly more easily than
   - Using many fewer hit points, movement points, spell points, or
    communication points than intended for any action
   - Earning renown or renown upgrades more easily than intended

   These are just examples, and the administrator who arbitrates the case
will make the final determination of whether a bug meets these criteria
and the appropriate reward.

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