1) Respect other players: While this is a combat-focused MUD, players
should not go out of their way to make the game less fun for others. Hate
speech and harassment are not allowed. Players are encouraged to work out
conflicts among themselves but can escalate issues if necessary.

2) No cheating: Using third-party software, bots, or any other means to
gain an unfair advantage in the game is not allowed. This includes
exploiting bugs or game mechanics for personal benefit. Multiplay (using
up to 3 characters) and the use of aliases, triggers, and scripts are
permitted, as long as they do not give you an unfair advantage.

3) Only play characters that you created: You are allowed to use up to 3
characters, but do not share your account or use someone else's character.
Allowing another player to fully control your character is not permitted.

4) No use of other characters as mules or storage for items: Using
alternate characters solely for storing or transferring items is not

Reporting bugs and exploits: Players are encouraged to report any bugs
or exploits they encounter by sending an email to admin@isharmud.com or
posting in the bug-reports channel on our Discord server. Players who
report bugs that could be exploited for personal gain may be rewarded with
items based on the severity of the bug and the number of previous bugs
they have reported. For more information, see the "Bug Bounty" help file.

Punishment Escalation:

First offense: A warning and removal of any benefits gained, if exploiting a bug.
Second offense: "Bolting," which kills the player's character and destroys their
Third offense: A temporary ban of the player's account for a set duration
(e.g., one day to one month). 
Fourth offense: Seasonal account suspension.
Fifth Offense: Permanent account suspension.

See Also: Player Killing%% 21

WARNING: These are the mortal rules. See `help immortal rules` for
         restrictions on immortals.