Compared to Oldgate, Mareldja has a very advanced sewage system.  So much 
so, in fact, that you actually have to go looking for the stench-ridden 
areas.  No one is really sure whether the city as we know it today developed 
later than the sewers or if the sewers were an afterthought of the city.  
Probably they grew together, however, as the two realms are accessible to each
other from several places.  
   The thieves of the city have always congregated down in the lower levels,
fighting with rats and undead for their territory.  It's dark down there. Make
sure to take a light.  If you see alligators, you know you're in a bad place. 

   Recommended Levels: 3-7
   Group Size: 1-2

   Level varies with area.  You should be at least levels 3-4 before entering
   and 5-7 before going deeper.