• Syntax: cast 'spirit sight' <victim>
  • Level: 10
  • Class: Shaman
  • Component: Treasure worth 250 obsidian
  • Save: against resilience for no effect
   By calling upon the spirits of the earth, shamans can extend their senses
beyond their immediate surroundings. When casting Spirit Sight, the shaman's
vision is connected to the spirit world, enabling them to perceive the location
and condition of a targeted player, creature or object.

   When cast on an object, spirit sight will always succeed unless the object is
in  the possession of a living entity. In which case, it will act the same as if
you had targeted that entity.

   Spirit Sight is a non-aggressive action and will not incite hostility,
but the target might experience a brief, mystic wind upon a failed spirit sight
attempt, making them aware of the shaman's prying eyes. Be cautioned -
some beings may not appreciate this intrusion. Nonetheless, it's an invaluable
asset for shamans wanting to maintain a vigilant watch over allies or gather
knowledge about potential adversaries.

See Also: Shaman Spell List, Scry