• Syntax: none
  • Level: 13
  • Class: Warrior
  • Stats: none
    Mastering your weapon takes time and dedication. A high level warrior
understands their weapons far more intimately than the average fighter, able
to leverage its strengths in phenomenal ways when critically striking.

The bonus varies based on the weapons damage type.

    * Cause a deep, lasting wound. After two combat rounds, it hemmoraghes
	  again, dealing 2% of the targets total health.
    * Viciously slash your opponent, briefly overcoming their defenses with 
	  your ferocity. For the next two combat rounds, your opponent takes a 
	  +10 penalty to their armor class.
    * Brutally smash your opponent. Knock them down for two combat rounds.
    * With quick skill and precision, wrap your whip around your opponents
	  airway, silencing them for two rounds.
    * Your critical hit shocks your opponents nervous system, reducing all of
	  the opponents saves by 8%.
    * You sweep your blade out in a wide arch, catching multiple foes in the
	  strike. Your primary strike does normal, not critical damage.
	  Additionally, you deal 1/3rd damage to either 1 or two foes, depending
	  on if your weapon is one or two handed.
    * Your vicious wound causes sustained blood loss, reducing damage by 4 
	  for two rounds.
   * Your ravaging strike deals additional damage. Your critical strikes 
     deal an additional 10% damage.
   * You rip your foe brutally, causing a deep, lasting wound and sustained
     bleeding. After 4 rounds, deal 2% of the targets total health. During
	 this time, their speed is also reduced by 1.
   * With crystal clarity and swift motions, you let loose an additional 
     projectile in the same round. Your critical does not deal bonus
	 damage but you immediately make another melee strike against your

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