Centuries ago, a small group of elves decided to leave the sanctity of
their forests and strike out for a new homeland far to the west.  For weeks
they traveled, and finally happened upon a pleasant, wooded area that they
deemed suitable for fostering children and establishing a new community.

   There they lived in peace and quiet worship of Isvaelin for decades, as the
city of Mareldja slowly expanded to their southwest.  They found the
enterprising humans to be honest, friendly folk, and gladly welcomed
travellers from the city.  Trade soon developed, and both cultures profited
from the free exchange of materials and ideas.

   Some years later, a great evil descended on the hills where the elves had
made their home, and the dwarves and humans soon became engaged in a terrible
war.  Each side demanded the aid of the peerless elven archers, and began
seizing small villages to ensure that the elves would cooperate.

   Disgusted with the atrocious behavior of their former human allies, the
elves called upon their young men to take up arms and defend their forests
from the hordes of invaders that had descended upon them.  Fletchers began
working long into the night to supply the army with arrows for their bows, and
forges worked endlessly, churning out elven blades at unprecedented rates.

   As the advancing dwarves and men plunged deeper into the forests, they met
unexpected resistance from fiercely defended elven outposts high atop the
trees.  The invaders, accustomed to battle on the open hillsides, were
confounded by the sudden storms of arrows that came whistling from above to
slay entire companies in moments, and fled screaming from the forests in

   Determined never to be betrayed again, the elven leaders urged their people
to retreat far within the forests, and confine their villages to tiny
clearings among the trees.  They bade the commoners to avoid contact with any
race but their own, and to live in complete seclusion.
   As years passed under this enforced isolation, the elves gradually became
fiercely xenophobic.  Any human entering the forest was slain on sight, and
the dwarves forsook the place entirely.  Wild rumors of ghosts roaming the
trees developed, and for years the woods were considered cursed.

   Recently, however, the elves have begun to re-emerge from their forest
homes and rove out among the hills.  Wandering priests have journeyed from
Isvaelin's temple and into the cities, eagerly seeking converts.  Even the
normally aloof elven archers have come down from the trees, and can
occassionally be seen directing forced smiles at human passersby.


   Recommended Levels: 14-18
   Group Size: 1-2

   Be wary of the elves, for their sudden change of heart has been motivated
   by forces of great power, and they still hold all other races in low
   regard.  There is a definite purpose to this zone, and careful thought is
   required to avoid a grisly death before completing the quest.  Seek out
   members of the clergy to guide your steps, and always remain aware of your