Back in his mortal days in 1992, when he and his friends bashed cityguards
on Adversary Diku, Buckaroo conceived the idea of using a MUD interface for
transactions on a BBS. The world would be split into two areas: the BBS area
where everyone would be immortal and have access to upload and download
functions, a virtual cafe, a virtual mall, and a recreational game area,
which would be reminiscent of Diku.

So Buckaroo talked to some people, haggled with various companies, and
formed Cyberverse, Inc. He hired Abaddon of Adversary Diku to code the
foundations for his world and invited some of the Adversary admins to create
and set up shop there.

Work continued throughout 1993 and the company opened in Los Angeles in May,
1994. There was much rejoicing.

The Internet started becoming popular a year later, and the company was
reshaped as an Internet Service Provider. The MUD, no longer the main focus
of the business, was renamed Ishar and opened freely to the Internet.

Later, in the middle of the dot-com bubble, someone with a lot of Monopoly
money was trying to buy Cyberverse, and Ishar was officially handed over to
Aaron Hopkins, who had been managing it for a few years, to make sure it
wasn't included in any deal. It has continued to run on Cyberverse's
network, but the company is no longer owns it or is involved in running it
at all.

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