(shortened from Ishar's 157 Cool Places--Number 67)
   A long time ago, Alestar the Mad ruled the known world from Torm Sarvek for
over two hundred years. The high priest of the god Thurvun, he and his lord
spread terror throughout the land. But Alestar broke with Thurvun and earned 
his enmity. The Seeress Birne foretold his fall at the sword of a hero.
   Since then, Torm Sarvek has rotted grandly, and some of Alestar's creatures
still haunt the upper and lower reaches.  It has been for the most part,
however, taken over by a band of goblins.  If you don't mind goblins, are
interested in history, or are looking for some original and illuminating
material to read, I would recommend his old abode.  He never cared for casual 
visitors, but he's dead now, so it doesn't really matter.



   Recommended Levels: 10-13
   Group Size: 1-3