The recent establishment of trade with the distant half-elf colony of
J'rel has created some excellent business opportunities in the bustling seaside
town of Mareldja, but there are some local "businessmen" who aren't big fans
of the formalities of conventional trade - like paying tariffs and keeping
imports legal.

   Under the leadership of notorious gangster Fidel "Five Fingers" McGee, a
motley crew of smugglers, thugs and wheeler-dealers have set up their own
trading outfit somewhere along the west coast of the mainland.  Bootlegged
poonk and other, less benign wares are being routinely shipped duty free into
a discrete coastal harbor, then transported to major cities around the world
for underground sale on local black markets.

   Rumour has it that most of the dissidents hail from Oldgate and Mareldja,
and it is thought that the site of their illegal operations is on a stretch
of coastline southwest of Oldgate, somewhere near the mouth of the Brown

   Thus far seemingly undetected by regional law enforcement, McGee and his 
cohort are making a killing in the smuggling industry.  Any adventurers who find
the elusive criminals and put a stop to their mischief will doubtless find
themselves in possession of a small fortune, both in the form of exotic
overseas swag and the earnings its importers have managed to rake in.


   Recommended Levels: 12-20
   Group Size: Any

   Port Larceny is a fairly busy place, so you and your group (if you have one)
   should be able to blend in without causing much of a fuss.  Don't disrupt
   the running of the port unless you're up for some pretty serious fisticuffs
   though - Fidel "Five Fingers" and his bodyguards are seasoned combatants,
   and they don't take too kindly to suspicious strangers.