Since Ishar is a three dimensional, virtual world, it is important that 
   there be ways for you to move around...

                  North, South, East, West, Up, Down, Northeast,
                  Northwest, Southeast, Southwest (n,s,e,w,u,d,ne,nw,se,sw)

                  These are equivalent to typing 'go <direction name>'

                  Use 'go' if the exit is not a standard direction name.

      The 'exits' command shows the available exits in a room.

      The 'follow' command allows a user to begin following another
      user and be automatically moved as the leader moves.  This command
      is only effective for movement via n,s,e,w,u,d and 'go <exit>'.

See Also: Group, Rooms, Go, Exits, Follow, Walking%%21