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Help : Physical Stats

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                              Physical Stats
   Raw physical power at all scales.  How much weight can you press? lift?
How many reps?  With one arm?  How many times can you fold a piece of
parchment before you cannot tear it?
    Attributes: Carrying Weight, Critical Attack, Hitpoints, Melee Damage

   This is similar to dexterity in other role-playing games but is more
concerned with physical flexibility than generic skill.  A trained mind is
often required to get the most out of bodily agility.
    Attributes: Armor Class, Combat Skill, Melee Damage, Movepoints

   This is similar to constitution or health in other role-playing games,
but also implies a level of control.  Taking hits and hoisting large loads
are due to raw endurance.
    Attributes: Armor Class, Carrying Weight, Hitpoints, Mortal Wound

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