Out in the southwestern regions of the ocean lies the emerald island,
Palekana, in the Ahi 'ai Houna Archipelago.  Centuries ago, a large clan
of warring cannibals were forced from the mainland because of their
horrific rituals.  After wandering the deep sea, they decided to settle
here, protected by the coral reefs and smoking volcanos.  Generations of
living under the warm sun and being cooled by the gentle sea breezes have
sweetened their temperaments and purged their cannibalistic tendencies.

   Their lives were primitive and simple until very recently.  An 
ambitious nobleman named Hua overthrew the priesthood's rule and declared
himself moi, or king of the island.  Many changes have been wrought with
his coming, some good and some bad.  War has been declared on a 
neighboring island, prompting many to flee into the forested hills at the
base of the volcanos.  The building of breakers around parts of the island
to reduce hurricane damage, the unification of the island under one rule,
and the construction of a fortress have all come to pass under Hua's firm
rule.  A few entrepreneurs have opened small shops, but until the fortress
has been completed, very little in the way of overnight hospitality will
be found.  

   In anticipation of the coming battles, many of the young men train and
discipline themselves into tightly muscled warriors.  The elders chant
songs of great battles, heroic feats, and tragic beauties.  Everyone
smiles a little harder and laughs a little louder, but there is an 
underlying current of fierce excitement.


   Recommended Levels: 16-20
   Group Size: varies

   While the islanders remain peaceful on the whole, there are a few
   malcontents running around eager for a fight.  Almost anyone can visit,
   but keep your wits about you.