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   A warrior draws deep from their well of inner-strength, forged from their 
long career at being knocked down and forced to get back up.  On a success, 
the warrior will receive 1d10 + level hit points back to keep them going, and
be unable to do it again for half a day. 

   Unlike other skills, this does not use skill level to determine success.
It instead uses your skill level to determine *degree* of success.  The more
skilled you are at digging into your inner reserves, the more you will heal.

      Heal: 1d10 + level + stat pairing 

      Level 10 - 13 str / 13 end - Average (60) skill:
         Effect: Heal - 5 + 10 + 0 = 15 hp * .60 = 9 hp.
         Unable to cast again for 12 in game hours.

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