• Syntax: cast 'acid arrow' <victim>
  • Level: 12
  • Class: Magician
  • Save: reflex for half damage and no effect
   A mage of twelfth level may conjur caustic acid in the form of an arrow to
launch at their foes, burning them.

   On a failed magic save, the foe will be covered in acid for up to an in-game
hour. Every round that they have this effect, they will take additional damage
and continue to burn unless they succeed a save.

      Damage: 3 * level + caster perception
      Failed Save: Acid Burn until the foe successfully saves, taking
      caster level / 4 d6 damage each time they fail. 

      Level 10 - 20 Perception:
            Damage: 3 * 10 + 20 = 50 damage
            Failed Save: 2d6 acid damage every round until a save is successful